Positive Media

Music, Movies & TV

Music, videos, movies and other artistic media often serve as introductory and enjoyable ways to explore value-based expressions and teachings. In sharing these selections with you, we hope they entertain and inspire you.


Music brings an emotional dimension to spirituality. Whether it is contemporary, rock, gospel, country, folk, instrumental, hip hop, rap or other genre, faith-based music inspires reflection, joy, devotion and love.


Tune in to encouraging and positive vibes, live or on-demand. Access radio stations in-app, via online streaming, or through Amazon Echo Alexa-enabled devices.

Movies, TV & Video

Mainstream films and TV series sometimes focus on dark, tragic or hopeless storylines. Faith-based movies and shows not only entertain in a positive way but can dramatize Bible teachings and promote kindness, honesty and love.

Visual Presentations

Inspiring presentations, video-style, blend audio, images and text for a more connected experience than reading.


Check out well-known people of faith sharing personal stories in video clips on YouVersion, including Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King, Ryan Ellis, Andy Mineo, Tori Kelly, Lecrae and others.


Verb. To feel or show great joy or delight. A call to joy.